Colt New Service 1370
Colt New Service
Production Information

Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company



Technical Specifications

double action revolver

Magazine capacity

6 round cylinder

Year introduced


Used by

United States

United Kingdom


Commonwealth of the Philippines

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Colt New Service was a double action revolver made by Colt from 1898 until 1940. It was adopted by the US Armed Forces in .45 Colt as the Model 1909 U.S. Army, Marine Corps Model 1909, Model 1909 U.S. Navy and in .45 ACP as the Model 1917 U.S. Army. The Model 1917 was created to supplement insufficient stocks of M1911 pistols during World War I. It was used by British officers who were averse to using the Webley during World War I. Also, 60,000 Colts were supplied to the British Empire forces during World War I.[1]

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